World Heritage The Late Roman Times

Can you imagine becoming a gladiator and facing the wildest beasts on the sand of a Roman amphitheatre? Or even better, do you feel the wheels of the cars skidding to win the race, while the audience chants the names of the participants? Although you have to do an exercise of imagination, scenes like this happened more than 2000 years ago in Tarragona. The Romans arrived in the area in 200 BC and founded Tarraco. If you take a stroll through this UNESCO World Heritage City, you can touch the remains of the wall and contemplate the amphitheatre - the great entertainment centre of the city - that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, or the Forum, which was the meeting point of local elites. But if the Romans were known for anything, it was for the logistics, as they built two aqueducts that brought water to the city. In addition, if you want to enjoy in the 21st century of this time, do not miss the Tarraco Viva Festival, which takes place every May in Tarragona.


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