World Heritage The Late Roman Times

National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona

Pl. del Rei, 5
43003 TarragonaTarragona, Catalunya
Phone977236209, Mobile977251515, Fax977236211

The museum houses the majority of the finds from the excavations carried out in Tarragona over the past 150 years as a consequence of the construction of the modern port and the city’s extraordinary urban growth. They include pottery, sculptures, mosaics, coins, objects for personal use, etc. It is a centre for the conservation and dissemination of the material evidence illustrating the Romanisation of the Iberian Peninsula. Your visit begins with a showing of the video "Tarraco, ciuitas ubi uer aeternum est" (Tarraco, the city of the eternal spring) based on the memories of Emperor Hadrian, who resided in Tarraco during the winter of 121-122 AD. The museum also holds temporary exhibitions and organises visits for school groups, children’s workshops and activities for adults.

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