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Following the footsteps of man makes it possible to get to know the essence of a unique region. At the Costa Daurada, this historical discourse contains important chapters that have left an extraordinary legacy; some of them have been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Since the first cave paintings left by the primitive inhabitants in the caves and shelters as in Montblanc and Capçanes, the infrastructure and buildings of the Roman Empire in ancient Tarraco, to the Middle Ages and the New Catalonia in monasteries such as Santa María de Poblet.

This heritage is moving, but the castells - the human towers - are unique and magical ... For more than two centuries, the castellers have been building their towers with human values that make them unique and represent a national symbol. Many towns and villages on the Costa Daurada have their own groups, and we suggest you to visit their rehearsals, as well as their performances on the squares in many towns.

At different places of the Costa Daurada you will find dry stone constructions: cabins, shorelines, retreat cabins, ponds or cisterns. All of them have been included in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

But the list of UNESCO World Heritage also includes the cuisine, because the Mediterranean diet of the is one of the cultural assets that must be protected. The ingredients of this diet can be found in all the menu cards of the Costa Daurada.

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