World Heritage The Late Roman Times

Roman Theatre

Tarraco’s theatre was built in the time of the Emperor Augustus near the Forum of the Colonia and the port, taking advantage of the slope of the terrain to build the tiers of seating. It was subsequently enlarged and remained in use until the end of the 2nd century AD. Despite major damage inflicted on the ruins in the 20th century, we can still see the remains of the three main parts of the building: the cavea (seating), the orchestra (the hemicycle reserved for dignitaries at the foot of the rows of seats) and the scaena (stage). The Theatre is managed by the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona and is part of the Roman Tarraco archaeological complex declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000.

C/ de Sant Magí, 1
43004 TarragonaTarragona, Catalunya


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