World Heritage The Late Roman Times

Roman Amphitheatre

An elliptical-shaped amphitheatre built in the 2nd century AD and used for gladiator combats, simulated wild animal hunts and public executions. Unusually it was built outside the city, taking advantage of a rocky slope to build the seating. It held 14,000 spectators. In 259 AD Bishop Fructuosus and his deacons Augurius and Eulogius were burned alive in the arena. At the beginning of the 6th century a basilica dedicated to the martyrs was built in the arena and in the 12th century the church of Santa Maria del Miracle was built on the same site. The Amphitheatre is managed by the Tarragona Museum of History.

Parc de l'Amfiteatre romà, s/n
43003 TarragonaTarragona, Catalunya
Phone977242579, Mobile977242220


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