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Fira de Música al Carrer de Vila-secaFira de Música al Carrer de Vila-seca

The best musicians, emerging bands and the latest musical creations of Catalonia meet every year on a weekend in May on the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). It is the Fira de la Música in the Carrer of Vila-seca, considered one of the main events of the emerging scene in Catalonia. Here we find the present and the future of music made in Catalonia and lovers of live music can spend two days jumping from concert to concert as they stroll the streets of the city. In fact, it is a market dedicated to the professionals of this industry, but anyone who enjoys discovering new musical proposals is more than welcome.

Pau Riba, Pascal Comelade, Coriolà, Flamingo Tours, Joan Colomo, Sidral Brass Band, La Banda Municipal del Polo Norte ... The names that have performed during this street music fair are highly and a warranty of high quality. Consulting the  website of the Fair is the best way to know where, when and who you can see at the next edition of the Costa Daurada festival. Can you believe that in just one there are about 800 musical performances tomorrow, evening and night weekend in the streets of Vila-seca? You will see that you do not need big scenes: you will find the musicians in every corner or making rumble any street no matter how narrow!

Santes CreusSantes Creus

Legend has it that on January 16, 1194, the archbishop of Tarragona was horribly murdered by Guillem Ramon de Moncada, a noble of the court of the Count of Barcelona. To forgive him, the Pope forced him to dedicate all his goods to the construction of a Cistercian monastery of great beauty. Thus he ended building the monastery of Santes Creus on the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast), one of the three monasteries that are part of the Cistercian Route. This account is not faithful to the historical documents found to date, but it is a beautiful way to imagine its birth.



Tarragona Història VivaTarragona Història Viva

The Roman Empire has not yet fallen. Its bastion in the 21st century is Tarragona and gives the impression that the emperor Augustus still rules. The Amphitheater, the Circus, the walls, the Praetorium, the Aqueduct, the Forum and the town hall live the excitement of the most glorious days of Tarraco. Welcome to the Tarragona Historia Viva of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast), a summer proposal of historical recreation that transports you with the whole family to the life of more than 2000 years in these lands

It is especially on weekends, from mid-July to September, when Tarragona revives its Roman splendor in the ruins that are scattered throughout the city as a stage. You will become a legionnaire, you have to manage to discover the Roman enigmas hidden in the monuments, you will attend the murder of Caesar and the representation of the marionettes of Marco Antonio and Cleopatra, you will taste the best Roman recipes ... All this in a complete program to learn with the family or friends as life was in the second most important city of the Roman Empire, Tarraco.

La TronadaLa Tronada

"Reus, Paris, London”, proudly exclaim the locals to place their town at the same level as the major European capitals. This popular witty saying refers to the three marketplaces on the continent where, in former times, the price of liquor was set, and it says a lot about the optimistic spirit of the inhabitants of Reus, who bring out their love for celebrations on major occasions. Come and join a good celebration on the Costa Daurada with this TripIdea!

The festivities in honour, of Sant Pere de Reus  at the end of June have more than 400 years of history. The image – or rather, the sound – that most captures both newcomers and locals is undoubtedly the tronada. (thunderstorm). There is no room for a pin on the Market Square to see and listen to the terrifying noise marking the beginning of the festivity on the Costa Daurada. It has nothing to envy the “chupinazo” of the Sanfermines Fiesta in Pamplona; in Reus, the thunder and the noise of mortars reverberating on the ground awaken the emotion kept restrained throughout the year.

La tronada  (thunderstorm) of noise is repeated four times during the celebration. On the days when the city patron is honoured, the focus is on the procession with the effigy of Saint Peter and the walk of the mule, the dragon, the eagle and giants in the streets... Every day you will find a traditional and popular party, with “castellers” – human towers – included. Come and join the celebration. To experience the festivity to the full, take the local drink, vermouth, with dozens of varieties served in the bars all over town.


In Torredembarra was born one of the Catalans who most succeeded ikn `doing the Americas´ in the 19th century. Joan Güell was the pioneer of the Catalonian industrialization and was one of the most famous and controversial `indianos´ in Catalonia. (Indiano is the name given to those who immigrated to America and returned wealthy.) He founded the Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima - the great Catalan company of the Industrial Revolution - and his heirs were the faithful patrons of Antoni Gaudí, the architect. Güell left his footprint on Cuba and throughout Catalonia. And in this TripIdea we want to invite you to follow the trail that he and the rest of indianos have left in this town of the Costa Daurada (Goledn Coast).

The second weekend of September, Torredembarra celebrates the Feria de los Indianos, in which the streets of the old town return to the era of the economic adventurers of the Americas. Habaneras, rum, salsa dancing, Caribbean dresses ... You will feel like javing landed in Cuba of the early 20th century without moving from the Costa Daurada. This is a good opportunity to enter the Tower of the Vila – the origin of the city - and discover its Indian reminiscences. When you get tired of spinning around, a good Cuban coffee will take you to the Caribbean coffee plantations. And do not forget to go fashionable by covering yourself with the classic Panama hat

Font de la LlúdrigaFont de la Llúdriga

Are you looking for a natural pool in the middle of the mountains? An oasis of running water to cope with the summer heat? An icy dive fleeing from the crowded beach? The secret is to turn your back to the sea and head for the mountains, looking for the sources of rivers and streams. The walking boots and the swimsuit combine very well, and in the hinterland of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) there are really spectacular aquatic corners. Let's get going and look for the water pools of the Prades Mountains!


Few cities in the country are as prepared as Cambrils to welcome bicycle enthusiasts. Many hotels have bicycle parking facilities, there are cleaning areas and bike shops and special menus for sportsmen. If you are a big fan or simply a two-wheeler, pedal and remember that you are on the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast)!

At the Tourist Office of Cambrils, you will be given a map with all the bike lanes and roads of the municipality. It is a perfect tool to get to know the most rural part of the town by pedaling with the family: cultivated fields, streams, rivers, trails ... They have a network of roads that allows you to reach Montbrió and Mont-roig del Camp in alternative routes to the main roads.

Near the sea, the most peaceful excursión you can make by bicycle is on the Passeig Marítim, the Promenade, in the direction of Salou. In total, 9 kilometers of bike lane with services like bars and restaurants very close. In summer, it is worth avoiding the hours of maximum sun if you do not want to fall plunged from so much heat. Of course, if you wear the swimsuit, you can always make a stop with a bath included!

Nit de les BruixesNit de les Bruixes

t is as if you had left the children in the middle of the jungle and they had the challenge of getting ahead by passing tests in the wilderness. It is not a nightmare, it is rather the opposite, a hilarious children's adventure that has a name and many already know it: Jungle Trek, a leisure park on the Costa Daurada (Costa Daurada) that is integrated in the forest.

Jump through the zip-lines, try to keep your balance on the moving trunks, get past the spider, cling to Tarzan's lianas, and even stomp on a rope 10 meters high! Jungle Treck offers children from 4 years old and the wildest adults an opportunity to enjoy the adventures of 6 circuits of various difficulties. Only the presence of an adult with each group of children is required so that, together with the well-trained space monitors, they guarantee the safety of the premises. Losing your children through the jungle of the Jungle Treck is a family experience that will fill you in a good mood!

Mines de Bellmunt de PrioratMines de Bellmunt de Priorat

It is well known that for centuries a good wine has come out from the Priorat region. But it has already fallen more into oblivion that the geology of the region has given another product of high industrial value: lead. We begin this TripIdea in the most important lead mines in Catalonia for a century, Bellmunt del Priorat.

Tarraco TalgoTarraco Talgo

You enter the tunnel of time and you appear in the Estación de Francia railway station of Barcelona. You are in the 60's, when the country is just beginning to recover its pulse after a very long post-war period. You have a ticket for a radiant train that everyone talks about in the city, the Talgo, the most innovative railway of the moment. The train today goes to Tarragona, on the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). Hurry up, the stationmaster has already blown the whistle!
From May to October, Tarraco Talgo, this original proposal of vintage tourism, leaves every Saturday with the purpose of taking travelers to one of the most monumental cities in Catalonia. But the experience, apart from the destination, is also valid for the journey. The interior and exterior of this Talgo III RD makes you go back fifty years in time

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