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Museu del VermutMuseu del Vermut

Today you are in the mood and the night invites you to go out. The Costa Daurada, (Golden Coast) besides being a family destination, also has options to extend the day and dance until the body is exhausted.
In Cambrils, Siddharta, located on the Paseo Miramar, was born with the aim of transmitting to clients "peace, friendship, love and respect". The atmosphere is perfect to unwind and relax between drinks and lounge and chill out music. The atmosphere is select and includes an extensive menú card of gins and drinks. You will aslo be unable to taste the the wide range of teas.

The Lotus Lounge & Disco Pub in La Pineda (within Vila-seca) is another stylish proposal. It is located within the 5-stars Gran Palas hotel. On the dance floor the decibels go up. The local has become one of the references of the club culture of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). 800 square meters of disco with minimalist decoration, with bars inside, outside and in the pool - according to the season of year. If you love exclusive atmospheres and good service, here is your meeting point at night.

Before, if you are looking for a unique restaurant, you can go and have something to eat at La Ferreteria in Reus. It is a beautiful place with wooden furniture that used to house a nails and screws business. In 1998 the warehouse was replaced by a kitchen to be able to serve tapas and montaditos (small sandwiches) that retains the name of the typical products of a hardware store. Rice with cod, deep fried squid, patatas bravas (spicy fried potato dice)... the menu is classic and an authentic guarantee of success.

Casa NavàsCasa Navàs

If you regret having left the summer behind, the Fiestas de Misericordia de Reus festivities will make you enter the fall with in a much better mood.The patron saint of the city motivates the second large feast in Reus, full of proposals for everybody. It is celebrated around Septenber, 25, and the inhabitants of Tarragona and the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) are involved every year.

Tradition is the axis of the feast. On the eve of the Diada de Misericordia, the Rosario de Antorchas (Torches Rosary) is celebrated, with hundreds of individuals ending up venerating God´s Mother. It is the central act of a celebration that has thousands of shapes and colors. Dance with old clothes in the 'Correfoc', notice how your whole body shakes in meetings of trabucaires shooting their guns into the air and sing at full lung in the concerts of Plaza del Mercadal square and in the stages scattered throughout the city. Reus is unique when dressed up to celebratre a big party


Empezó como una exposición dedicada a los más pequeños, pero se ha convertido también en una auténtica cita a enmarcar en el calendario de los coleccionistas. El Clickània de Montblanc, a la Conca de Barberà, es el festival de los clicks de Playmobil de referencia y se ha hecho más grande en cada edición.

Aquí hay ni más ni menos que 500 m2 con dioramas temáticos, que son maquetas con figuras, edificios, vehículos, animales… donde los protagonistas absolutos son los clicks. Escenas dedicadas al Antiguo Egipto, al Far West, a la época medieval, a los piratas… Los clicks nunca cambiarán la expresión de la cara, pero a ti seguro que te dejan con la boca abierta.

Can BoschCan Bosch

The cuisine of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) is nurtured by the sea and the products of the land. It has very tasty dishes and wines with denomination of origin. The wild boar 'civet', the 'xató', the noodles 'rossejat' and of course the 'calçots' are dishes that speak of the identity of these lands and the way of living of its inhabitants.
If you sit in front of one of these traditional dishes, you can already say that you have tried the work, the culture and the vital attitude of these regions. You will find them in the cities and towns of all the geography of Tarragona according to the time of the year. In addition, the wines of the different Tarragona DO will complete the meal. And do not forget one of the most appreciated local products, nuts.
If you are looking for a first class gastronomic experience, you have dozens of excellent restoration professionals who will make you enjoy yourself while you eat. Cambrils also has two of the best chefs of this country. They are only separated by a few hundred meters and both have been recognized with a Michelin star. Can Bosch and El Rincón de Diego, each with its gastronomic offer, are the best tribute to the palate, which you can not miss if you visit the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast).

Campanar catedralCampanar catedral

In this TripIdea we propose in a just a single day to climb to the highest point of Tarragona and go down to the deepest place of the city. First you will see everything from the perspective offered by the bell tower of the cathedral and then you will discover the entrails of a hidden city underground that very little have been lucky to visit.

Concurs de CastellsConcurs de Castells

Get a ticket for the Concurso de Castells de Tarragona the Human Towers Contest,

and enjoy the show! As you look at it with the eyes of visitors, the parents of children who climb to the top of the human 'castells' spend an endless momento of anxiety. When the person in charge of the group gives the signal, the "acotxador" – the penultimate to climb to the human tower- and the "enxaneta " – the child that crowns the construction - have to be sharpen their wits to crown the "castell", climbing

among legs and arms. When they reach the top, maybe 7 or 8 meters from the ground, the parents have eaten their nails and do not want to look any longer.

Living the Tarragona Human Towers Contest from the stands, close to the protagonists, but with a privileged view, is a real luxury. In 2010 the 'castells' were designated Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind and for the pride of the lands of Tarragona and Costa Daurada (Golden Coast),the origin of this tradition is in the city of Valls.

The Contest is ceklebrated avery two years and brings together the best 'colles castelleres' of the season of all Catalonia. It is the contest of reference of the calendar in which the towers are scored and one colla – group – becomes the winner. The Castellers of Vilafranca, Colla Vella de Valls, Colla Jove de Taragona and the Minyons of Terrassa have competed in the last editions, which have always ended with the victory of Vilafranca. And every year there are new castells and more challenges are overcome.

El TrosEl Tros

Have you ever climbed a train that does not lift two feet off the ground? In the Misericordia Railway Park in Reus this is possible! The stationmaster hurries you up. The ticket-taker marks your tickets. The machine engineer reviews all the wagons to check that everyone is well seated. There are parents who have to bend their legs so much that their knees almost touch their face. On the miniature train both children and adults are welcome. The convoy is about to start and you hear the whistle: Beeeeep! We started the trip!

A group of railroads nerds of Reus premiered this circuit in 2003 with 300 track meters very near the Misericordia Sanctuary. Since then the passengers, especially the smallest, have not stopped enjoying this short train journey. It's a 3 minute stroll through the park, but who says it can not be repeated? The initiative of the Asociación de Amigos del Ferrocarril de Reus is a good excuse to approach the garden area of this Railway Park, and with a bit of luck you will also enjoy the myriad of train models and railway machinery that are exhibited.

Spa & wellnessSpa & wellness

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel the bubbles running down your spine. You are submerged in the water up to the chin, lying down, with your mind gone blank, and now the bubbling tickles you in the cervical, in the soles of the feet, in the calf muscles ... And in the buttocks you notice a stream of water that makes you move the muscles at a a free and relaxing rhythm that you can not control. You are in Aquum, the spa and wellness center of La Pineda, in Vila-Seca, but you would say that you are in paradise.

Losing the world of sight is very easy when you are in the Martinique waterbed. Or in the middle of a Japanese Kunisaki 360º shower. Life is too short to not live it slowly. The spectacular facilities of this wellness club offer inexhaustible options for the clock to slow down, and devote hours to the most absolute pleasure. Have you ever breathed under an oxygen therapy scuba? Have you tried the therapeutic effects of wine baths? And no, do not worry, children will not get bored. At the children's spa, suitable for 5 to 11 year olds, they will be more than entertaining.

Pont del Diable - MiniTarracoPont del Diable - MiniTarraco

Can you imagine visiting the most fascinating places of Tarragona and the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) from the heights? In MiniTarraco you will become a giant among miniatures as you learn to love history. Here it is easy to walk from the Devil's Bridge to the Roman Amphitheatre, or from the Cathedral to the walls with the Torre del'Arquebisbe (Archbishop`s. Tower) and that of the Scipiones. In a space smaller than a football field, children will admire the World Heritage Tarragona and play as if they were Roman boys and girls.

Pessebre vivent de VallsPessebre vivent de Valls

December 25, we wish you a Merry Christmas! If you see a child in the cradle this will mean that the manger is already installed and all the shepherds can go to worship the child. At Christmas there are many towns and cities that represent the birth of Jesus. But they are all different: there are very special mangers, staged with men and women of flesh and blood, performed in abandoned villages, in historic farms, enviable rural spaces ... In this TripIdea we selected some of the most important cribs of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). So, take the leather pouch, and come, to the stable!

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