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Mines de Bellmunt de PrioratMines de Bellmunt de Priorat

It is well known that for centuries a good wine has come out from the Priorat region. But it has already fallen more into oblivion that the geology of the region has given another product of high industrial value: lead. We begin this TripIdea in the most important lead mines in Catalonia for a century, Bellmunt del Priorat.

Tarraco TalgoTarraco Talgo

You enter the tunnel of time and you appear in the Estación de Francia railway station of Barcelona. You are in the 60's, when the country is just beginning to recover its pulse after a very long post-war period. You have a ticket for a radiant train that everyone talks about in the city, the Talgo, the most innovative railway of the moment. The train today goes to Tarragona, on the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). Hurry up, the stationmaster has already blown the whistle!
From May to October, Tarraco Talgo, this original proposal of vintage tourism, leaves every Saturday with the purpose of taking travelers to one of the most monumental cities in Catalonia. But the experience, apart from the destination, is also valid for the journey. The interior and exterior of this Talgo III RD makes you go back fifty years in time

Serra del MontsantSerra del Montsant

The Siurana, Brugent and Glorieta rivers have cut over the centuries the orography of these mountains with great natural appeal. Get going and sign up with this TripIdea to discover with your Kids the heritage of the Prades Mountains. They are certified as a Family Tourism destination and this means that everything is much easier if you want to make a visit with children.

The red city is a good starting point for this exit. This is how the town of Prades, is known, because of the omnipresent color in the stone constructions of this municipality of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). Walk down the narrow alleys and reach the porticoed square of the villa, where you will find a unique Renaissance fountain at the foot of a majestic church. There are companies that organize summer competitions in to discover Prades with the family and in a very entertaining way. You will divide into two groups and you will have to solve some unknown topics to win this  didáctic competition.

If you want to do a short excursión, the most indicated and beautiful is the one of the Ermita de la Abellera, about 2 kilometers from the municipality. The building, dating from 1570, is embedded in a stone cliff taking advantage of a natural cave. From its sides the views of these valleys - the closest is the Brugent river valley - are to remain abstracted for a long time.


Close your eyes and listen as the waves beat against the sand. Feel the nets of deep-sea fishermen. Live an fish auction as it was performed in the past. Discover the sensory surprises offered by the Port and the beach of Cambrils in an innovative proposal that turns the visit into an experience that remains engraved in your brain.

The Cambrils Board of Tourism organizes guided visits to the coastal landscape of the municipality with protagonism of the sight, the hearing, the touch, the smell and the taste. A visit baptized under the name of Route of the Senses and that is highly recommended to be toured with children. Kids never have enough with a conventional visit: to make them interact with spaces and objects is the ideal formula to satiate their indefatigable curiosity

The Route of the Senses through the port of Cambrils is also suitable for people with some disability. You can also consult the materials in Braille language during the visit and the journey is free of architectural barriers. If you want to hire the guided tour, book it in advance at the Cambrils Board of Tourism

Whatever your route is, you cannot miss one of the town´s symbols, the Port Tower. It is a defense building of the 17th century located in the center of the port promenade. The building is listed as an Asset of Cultural Interest and intermittently hosts temporary exhibitions on the sea and fishing.

Fondo del MataFondo del Mata

Few places are so suitable on the Costa Daurada (Costa Daurada) for outdoor dining with friends or family. The recreational area Fondo del Mata is the place that you are looking for to eat quietly, running away from the noise of the city and the daily rush. You will arrive from El Vendrell taking the TV-2048 road and then following the Costa Roja (Red Coast) path. The natural area has an environment with fountains and two ponds, from which wáter is channeled from a mill, several paths to walk and benches to sit and enjoy the breeze. Maybe you will not believe, but this area is an old restored rubbish dump

The most common activity is to prepare the food yourself. If you bring meat and book the space with the City Council a couple of days before, you can set up a barbecue using the ones that are in Fondo del Mata, and use the tables and chairs that are available to visitors. If you have some ability with the fire and have bought good meat, you're going to lick your fingers! Here you will not have to suffer to know where the children stop or to find the formula to entertain them. Just get a ball or prepare some games and fun are assured. In this natural area are also the municipal social gardens, which a group of people from El Vendrell cultivates with great care.


Light, color, costumes and popular outdoor shows are the protagonists of this TripIdea. On the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast), there are dozens of feasts and festivals, most in summer and spring, but ... who says that the winter months do not deserve also great celebrations in the streets? Here you have a selection of winter parties on the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) that you cannot miss


When the days are short and the sun hardly warms, who says it is not a good time make visits on the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast)? Vila-seca and its natural surroundings offer you more than recommendable proposals. The municipality is formed by two nuclei: La Pineda Platja and the village of Vila-seca. Let's start this TripIdea near the sea!

Calafell Family Weekend Calafell Family Weekend

The Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) brings together all the fun attractions for families in a single spring weekend in Calafell. Are you going to miss it?

At the Calafell Family Weekend the hours fly by: every second is well invested in fun, knowledge and creativity for you and your chuldren. The festival hosts activities for children in every corner of the city: inflatable castles, family gincanas, giant games, concerts, conferences, cultural visits, workshops, storytelling and courses. All this is aimed at families with children, like you.

Ruta de la CaponaRuta de la Capona

Dry stone constructions are rural cabins made especially during the great expansion of the vineyard cultivation on the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) between the 17th and 19th centuries. They were built with discretion for farmers and pastors who on one hand wanted to depopulate the fields of stones to be able to cultivate or let their cattle graze, and on the other to have shelter and a store for useful tools for their work. Its great peculiarity is that they were made without using any cement linking the stones. They still resist standing!


Today is a fantastic day for hiking. You are looking for a half-day trip that children can enjoy, which takes place between natural sites and towns of great beauty. To be able to walk slowly after a good glass of wine ... Well you have found it! Address: the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). Do you want to complete the Mare de Déu Vineyards Route in the Priorat refion, right?

The legend says that "a shepherd found the Virgin of the Consolació in a cave and that people wanted to erect a chapel right there. Unlike other virgins, that of the Consolació Virgin escaped to the mountain mountain. She wanted to be at the top of the mountain and look and look at the steeples that rise between the slate hills, the licorella, the typical stone of the Priorat. Thus, the image ended in a beautiful hermitage on a hill, guarded by the vineyards, in the municipality of Gratallops. You can get there by taking a leisurely two-and-a-half-hour round trip from Vilella Alta. These are 7 km in total with a slight slope that will take you to the foot of the Ermita de la Consolació, the most beloved hermitahe by the villagers of Vilelles, Torroja and Gratallops ... Some of the most charming prioratenses will tell you how to get there. In any case, you can download the map of the route from here.

El itinerario puede ir acompañado de la placentera resonancia del vino en el paladar. La bodega Buil & Giné de Gratallops patrocina el trayecto y organiza visitas y catas en sus instalaciones. Con vino o sin, no te puedes olvidar de la cantimplora porque durante el recorrido no hay puntos de agua. Disfruta del camino entre viñedos, bosques y construcciones de piedra seca (unas barracas históricas hechas de piedras y sin cemento muy presentes en las zonas rurales de la Costa Daurada).

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