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Take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel the bubbles running down your spine. You are submerged in the water up to the chin, lying down, with your mind gone blank, and now the bubbling tickles you in the cervical, in the soles of the feet, in the calf muscles ... And in the buttocks you notice a stream of water that makes you move the muscles at a a free and relaxing rhythm that you can not control. You are in Aquum, the spa and wellness center of La Pineda, in Vila-Seca, but you would say that you are in paradise.

Losing the world of sight is very easy when you are in the Martinique waterbed. Or in the middle of a Japanese Kunisaki 360º shower. Life is too short to not live it slowly. The spectacular facilities of this wellness club offer inexhaustible options for the clock to slow down, and devote hours to the most absolute pleasure. Have you ever breathed under an oxygen therapy scuba? Have you tried the therapeutic effects of wine baths? And no, do not worry, children will not get bored. At the children's spa, suitable for 5 to 11 year olds, they will be more than entertaining.


At the Gran Palas Hotel, a unique 5-star accommodation opened in 2009, an Asian-inspired doorway takes you to another oasis of water and well-being. It is Spalas, where there are also pools at chilly or tropical temperatures, but today you may want to let some hands free you from all the evils of sedentary life.

The massage berths are inside a white balloon that transports us to nothingness. The soft session with marine snails is an exotic privilege with aromas of cinnamon and cardamom that reminds you that you are only one hundred meters from the beach. In autumn, for sure that getting into the water can not be compared to the water luxury of places like this. Even for a day, self-honoring is worth it.


Probably the tradition of wellness spaces in this oasis-area of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) lies in the historic thermal center of the Termes Montbrió Hotel. Aquatonic offers immersion in natural hot springs surrounded by botanical gardens of centennial plants. If you choose one of its energetic packages, you will spend two nights in the hotel with breakfast included, the thermal session, and an exhaustive visit to one of the best wineries of the Priorat with tasting included. Cheers!

The 1,000 square meters of this thermal center will set you free and you would prefer to never leave. The therapeutic properties of its waters promise to be a source of health and energy, and for sure will help you find the lost harmony of your body. Laminar falls, circular hydromassage jets, caves with Greco-Roman baths ... Losing yourself there is a real sensorial delight.

Club de Golf BonmontClub de Golf Bonmont


So much relaxation may raise the wish to do some physical activity ... But hey, not too intense. At the Bonmont Golf Club, a few miles from the last stop, a stop to stop to improve your swing is true luxury. Undo wood # 1, put your feet on the tee's turf, and zuuum! If the 18 holes of Bonmont seem to have no end it is due to the unattainable beauty of the landscape, not because you have lost your skills with the clubs! The exquisite restaurant Les Vistes offers you a pleasant place to rest in the club house, recently renovated. If you still have strength, there are tennis courts, paddle tennis courts, a swimming pool and a soccer field.

Now, finishing the day at Mont-Roig del Camp, the beautiful little village that was Joan Miró's creation workshop, is a truly must-visit.

The Costa Daurada (Golden Coast), in fact, has become a reference for golf lovers. There are 5 clubs and 4 pitch & putts that allow you to show your swing between Roman ruins or in unique natural settings: besides the Bonmont, are the Aigüesverds Club, the Costa Daurada, the La Graiera, and the the Lumine Golf & Beach Club, not far from Spalas or Aquum. You have small format fields in Vendrell, Sant Jaume, Figuerola Resort, Golf Cambrils Pitch & Putt, Bonmont and La Graiera. In all, children have the chance to establish contact with a sport that, after trying it in this environment, will hook them up. Children's activities, courses for all levels, field trips, preparation for handicap tests ... Children, get your Clubs and discover a new world

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