If you like to walk, the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) is also your ideal place. The large number of trails, the incredible beauty of the landscape and the good facilities will make your outings on foot an activity that you will not forget. The ideal areas for walking tours are the Montsant and the Prades mountains. An area worthy of being visited is the Poblet Area of Natural Interest, framed within the Conca de Barberà region, in the municipalities of L'Espluga de Francolí and Vimbodí i Poblet.




What do you need to undertake an excursion on a `Camí de Ronda´ trail?

It is very easy!

The basic kit includes:

  • Suitable mountain footwear
    There are stretches that can be of large stones and others, of fine sand, as well as sections of steeper slopes. Footwear is a basic element because it protects the part of the body most involved in this exercise: the feet!
  • Water
    You can carry a bottle of water or any drink rich in minerals with you to recover from the effort. Never start this type of excursions without a good supply of liquid.
  • Cap
    Protecting yourself against the sun's beams is basic. So we advise you to get a good hat or cap to start the route. Remember also the protecting cream!
  • Photo camera
    Any experience that is not recorded can only be revived with the mind. A camera or, alternatively, a mobile phone, can help you immortalize some of the most fascinating landscapes you find on your way. If you want, you can share your pictures with us, ,and we will link them in the section destined to our social networks, so that other travellers can enjoy your snapshots.
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