Descripció de la ruta

This itinerary through the Priorat region which runs from the town of Ulldemolins to the Sant Bartomeu Hermitage passing the `Congost of Fraguerau´ canyon has everything: forests, original reliefs, wells, waterfalls, fountains, rivers running between amazing walls, grottos, the Sant Bartomeu hermitage, located in the hollow of a gorge, etc. In short, we can call it one of the most varied routes in the Tarragona region. Some call this valley the `Vall del Silenci´ (Valley of Silence). The `Congosto of Fraguerau´ canyon takes the name of a monk who lived by these places and that was named abbot of the nearby Scala Dei Charterhouse. Although the route is quite busy in its initial part, it allows us to enjoy the nature, silence and meditation offered by the northern part of the  serra de Montsant. mountains. Before arriving at Ulldemolins coming from Cornudella de Montsant on the C-242, a dirt track, indicated with the sign "ermites" (hermitages) takes us to the Sant Anton hermitage. This track, asphalted in its final section, allows arriving without problems to Sant Antoni, starting point of the itinerary, where you can leave the car.

Route type: Lineal route

Point of departure: Ulldemolins

Point of arrival: Sant Bartomeu Hermitage

Distance: 5.350 km

Duration: 2 hours

Cumulative altitude difference: 700 meters

Points of interest: This itinerary for the Priorat region runs from the village of Ulldemolins to the Sant Bartomeu Hermitage. We recommend you visit the Chapel of Santa Magdalena, located in the shade of the Serra del Montsant mountains, very close to the Sant Antoni and the Santa Bàrbara hermitages. It is known as the "Montsant Cathedral" given its large dimensions: it has 6 chapels, choir, tribunes and crypt, and is the work of the parish priest Jaume Amigó. Just above Santa Magdalena there is a fountain that feeds the hermitage and, together with other nearby sources, supplies the town of Ulldemolins with water. This town, which is 651 meters high, is also worth a visit. Many of its houses have beautiful doors from the 16th to the 19th centuries. If you like to take pictures in this town you will enjoy! The Cooperativa de Cornudella de Montsant in modernist style, which has the signature of the architect Cèsar Martinell, will help us to enter into the wine and agricultural area of the area.

Ermita de Santa Magdalena

Do you want your day to be complete?

A picnic amidst nature

In the Sant Antoni Hermitage you will find a shelter and a play area with tables and fountains. If you want to eat in the restaurant, Manolo can prepare a menu of grilled meat in the l'Ermita de Sant Antoni restaurant. 


Shall we taste the wine of this area?

We recommend that after completing the route, you opt to visit one of the wineries of the DO Montsant, as the villages of Ulldemolins and Cornudella del Montsant belong to this regulatory classification. Let you be advised by winemakers to enjoy the poetry that emanates from the earth.


Dining a truita amb suc (Omelette with sauce)

In the restaurants of the comarca del Priorat do not forget to order the truita amb suc, one of the traditional dishes of this area.

43363 UlldemolinsEl Priorat, Tarragona


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