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We propose one of the best routes in the Tarragonès region, a walk from L'Argilaga to El Catllar. The Gaià river has represented a geographical border in many moments of history. It crosses fields, castles and mountains to end at Tamarit, next to the Mediterranean Sea. Several villages in the region have long been working to make known the cultural legacy of this area that has some testimonies of medieval life standing. Signposted paths bring you closer to the castles that are on the banks of the river. We suggest you to make the itinerary from L'Argilaga to El Catllar. The path is simple, has little unevenness, and you will pass through carob fields and small Mediterranean forests with a very pleasant landscape.

Route type: Circular route

Point of departure and arrival: L'Argilaga

Distance: 21 km

Duration: 4 hours and 15 minutes

Cumulative altitude difference: 610 meters

Points of interest: The Catllar castle of has become the interpretation centre of the Castells del Baix Gaià. It is worth climbing the stairs and contemplating the recovered structure and the rock pit that surrounds it. Although the written documents date its origins back to the 11th century, when the river was the frontier between the Catalan counties and the kingdom of al-Andalus, archaeological excavations would indicate that the origins of the fortification of El Catllar can be found in the Muslim era or even earlier. 

Castell del Catllar


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The industrial past

The arrival to Catllar is accomplished passing by Sant Ramon hermitage and the ruins of the factory where there was also a flour mill that transports us to times prior to the industrialization of this area.


Music and `cava´ (Sparkling wine) in the castle 

In castell del Catllar, in the summer you have the opportunity to enjoy the guided tours at night with `cava´ (sparkling wine) tasting included. In the same castle it is also usual to celebrate concerts, as the walls impregnated with history offer a unique sound and atmosphere for music.


Resting and entertainment at `La Torre d’en Guiu´ tower

This is an old circular defence that belongs to the Gaià defensive line of the, of the 11th century. If you are looking for a restaurant with a large playground area and where, in summer, you have the opportunity to take a bath in the pool , La Torre d’en Guiu may be a good option. You will find a tennis and dance court, a playground with ping-pong table, wooden castles, swings and two swimming pools to enjoy the good weather.

43765 L'ArgilagaEl Tarragonès, Tarragona


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