Route description

This itinerary through the Alt Camp region will allow us to visit places of great beauty, such as the old stones full of history of Alcover or the land close to Remei Hermitage, where the spirituality of the place is mixed with the shade of the trees and the freshness of the wells. Ascending up to Mont-ral and Farena will bring us closer to a mountain environment that we love. During the tour we can see the old paper mills and the old power station, now abandoned. We will also visit Mont-ral and its Romanesque church, from where you can enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view. Upon arrival in Mont-ral, we have two options: either continuing upwards to the `Avencs´ mountains (`avencs´ is the Catalan term for cavity or vertical cave) until the `Foradada´ (in Catalan, `pierced rock´) located at the foot of the Motllats mountain, or climb towards Farena. If we return to Alcover we will follow, downhill, to the village of El Bosquet and then to Aixàviga, where we will find a good well. Bordering the `Font Fresca´ ravine, we will find the descent to the Fonts del Glorieta wells, the Remei and Alcover. If we choose the alternative and  climb to Farena, we will leave Mont-ral following the signs leading us us to this village, which has an impressive landscape.

Route type: Circular route

Point of departure and arrival: Alcover

Distance: 27 km

Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Cumulative altitude difference: 1,200 meters

Punts d'interès: We recommend you visit the  Alcover Museum located in an old medieval tower that houses an important collection of marine fossils from the Triassic era that was discovered by chance in the Alcover-Mont-Ral quarries. It is also the optimal space to know the ethnography of the area, and what bourgeois life was like in this rural setting on the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). .


Mas Forès

Do you want your day to be complete?

Sleeping in a mountain refuge

Sleeping in a mountain refufe is one of the most inspiring experiences we can have. In Mont-ral we have this possibility! In this way, a one-day route can become a fantastic nature weekend.


A good meal in Farena

If you want to eat well do not hesitate to go to the Brugent restaurant in Farena. Xesca and Xavier are mountain lovers and they know the area as the palm of their hand. In 1989 they left Reus and settled in Farena to offer wanderers dishes of homemade Catalan kitchen to recover forces. You will find typical dishes like the butifarra and seques (a Cataklan sausage with dried beans), calçotades (grilled onions) in winter and paellas de montaña throughout the year, previous reservation.

A picnic and swings

In the area of Mas Forès, on the way to the Fonts del Glorieta wells, there is a picnic area where there are swings and a playing area so that kids can feel at ease.

43460 AlcoverAlt Camp, Tarragona


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