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If we talk about wine in Catalonia, we talk about the Penedès.This D.O. extends between Tarragona and Barcelona, undoubtedly the most recognized of all Catalonian D.O. Between the sea and the mountain, these wines are the result of a long and professional track towards excellence. An D.O. with different microclimates, soils and landscapes, from the green of the mountain to the blue of the sea, which brings a great diversity to its wines. The flagship of the Penedès D.O. is the xarelo. This is the grape variety more harvested with a very balanced and qualitative production that improves in the old vineyards. Fruity and aromatic wines are produced, which are a real pleasure for the senses. This D.O. is recognized for its white wines with its traditional varieties xarelo, macabeo and parellada, to which have grapes are added as result of the experimentation. A glass of Penedès wine allows you to savor a small portion of land, art, culture and knowledge.


Why is it special?

It is undoubtedly one of the Europe´s best known D.O. But we want to explain you other details that make it truly essential. The relationship between wine, landscape and culture is evident by listening to the cello of Pau Casals, the master musician born in El Vendrell, a town where you can visit his home and the Vil·la Museu Pau Casals, which are part of the Ruta del Paisatge dels Genis. In this land of passage, there is also the Ciutadella ibèrica de Calafell,(Iberian Citadel), one of the most singular deposits in Catalonia and an ideal place to interpret how the Iberians lived.


Cata de vino


What to do?

The Penedès D.O. offers experiences in wineries, activities in the vineyards, tastings, outings on foot and by bicycle, as well as visits to museums, to know the culture in depth. In its cellars, you will discover surprises such as Forvm Vinegars, elaborated in some vineyards located on which was the Roman Via Augusta, in the Cellers Avgvstvs Forvum:cellar: high quality sweet-sour vinegars that have been served at dinners of the international Nobel Prizes.

Grapes with DNA :

DO Penedès

The most prolific grape variety in the DO Penedès is the “Xarel·lo”. This is a territory rich in fresh white grapes that ripen in hot, dry conditions to reward us with unique refreshing wines that are ideal for accompanying the traditional food products and dishes of the Costa Daurada.


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