Artists end up being the cultural promoters of a region, and the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) has an intangible heritage ranging from music to architecture, painting and sculpture. The Paisaje de los Genios (Landscape of the Geniuses) will allow you to deepen in the life and work of four universal artists, children of four municipalities of the districts of Tarragona where they spent long periods of their life: Antoni Gaudí in Reus, Joan Miró in Mont-roig del Camp, Pau Casals in El Vendrell and Pablo Picasso in Horta de Sant Joan, the latter located in the Tierras del Ebro region. These four artists have made unique contributions to the world culture and, of course, have modified the idiosyncrasy of their hometowns, who proudly wear this title. Their works are our best tourist guides. Do we know them?


Vila Casals - El Vendrell


Ddid you know?

  • Reus and Riudoms Reus and Riudoms continue to dispute the merit of having been the hometown of Gaudí. A curiosity that has already been institutionalized in the form of friendly rivalry between both localities.
  • Joan Miró arrived in Mont-roig del Camp for the first time in 1911 to recover from an illness. Inspired by it's landscape, he conceived and created a universe that made him an international reference.
  • The US president John Fritzgerald Kennedy awarded Pau Casals in 1971 with the Medal of Liberty for his contribution to the struggle for peace in the world, which has become a benchmark.

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