Birdwatching Delta de l'Ebre

Maybe you do not know that the Tierras del Ebro Region are at the forefront of the world's paradises. In fact, they were cataloged in 2013 as World Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO, an international recognition that includes them as a unique natural environment on the planet. This seal enhances a land where farmers, cattle breeders, fishermen and artisans have had in their source of sustenance and inspiration in the natural resources, as well as a way of life that has translated into customs, feasts and, of course, a gastronomy that is among the most unique in Catalonia. We highlight the three natural scenarios that form this earthly paradise!


Are you ready to enjoy the sea? The Tierras del Ebre is a land of contrasts. On the coast, the Mediterranean coves coexist with the extensive sandy beaches. The coastal towns retain the maritime charm of yesteryear and gastronomy closely linked to seafood and fish. Ebro Delta Natural Park is one of the most unique natural wetlands in Europe. Extensions and extensions of rice fields that change their color with the seasons and inhabited by bird species which are unique in the world. You can find this landscape transferred into delicious recipes, like duck with rice, good oysters of the Delta or a menu with lobster as main protagonist. Let yourself be carried away by improvisation and let every detail surprise you!


A river that rises or falls, depending on every one´s look. A way of communication that has transported the inheritance of the towns built on its margins, from the north towards the south. Nowadays, the river is a living ecosystem that gives its magic to those who want to live it from within, practicing sports like kayak or paddle surf, the latter minority but increasingly fashionable. For lovers of recent culture, this great flowing artery houses the memory of the Spanish Civil War and the Ebro Battle, still present in the identity of some towns of the Tierra Alta, Ribera de Ebro and Montsià regions. Different cultures passing by have left an important legacy that can be noticed in the popular traditions of the towns and villages that grew next to the river. A musical heritage that has in the jota one of its most important expressions. The Tierras del Ebro region also stand out for a very particular speech recognizable by the rest of the Catalonian population, as well as a people with an open and authentic character, intangible values of this precious territory


It is surprising that in the Tierras del Ebro region, one can move from the snow of the mountain to the sand of the beach in little more than 30 kilometers. A very short transit between two ecosystems of which few lands can boast. In addition, every season of the year offers you endless possibilities and changing landscapes. Can you imagine in the middle of autumn surrounded by trees with thousands of years of history under a carpet of copper leaves, or in the middle of winter walking among snowy trees? The Els Ports Natural Park is a mountain range with unique vegetation and singular animal species, some of them in danger of extinction. From its highest peaks we can see, on clear days, an immense extension of land that reaches the sea. On this plain, we find monumental treasures such as the ancient olive fields of Ulldecona, shaping the most typical Mediterranean vegetation. The Via Verda (Green Trail) connects the interior regions, such as Tierra Alta, with the coast, and represents a unique route to explore the villages on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. After a good route with physical exercise, you will not be able to do without roasted lamb with rosemary, which we know here as ternasco, a typical dish of the villages of the interior of the Tierra Alta.

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