Route description

The route starts at cala d'Oques cove in L'Hospitalet de l'Infant. Right there we find the GR92 indicators on the right, towards Torn beach. The trail climbs between the pine trees and continues along Punta de Cala Bea tip in a southerly direction. We pass by the El Templo del Sol (The Sun´s Temple) naturist campsite, which we leave to our right, as we pass through a narrow corridor that borders the beach. Once we arrive at at the end of Torn beach, we continue straight parallel to the sea, and the road forces us to pass next to a small cove, La Cala de la Roca del Torn, to avoid walking along the train track. We walk along the cliffs with some rather delicate and elevated steps. When we reach the top of the hillside we can see the Cala Justell cove from there. Before descending to this last cove, we are at the height of the road, in front of a building from which a wide dirt road starts. Here we cross the road and follow this dirt road that leads to the passage below the road to get access to Justell cove. We take the road in the opposite direction to the beach and the next turn to the right, where we immediately find a sign indicating the La Rojala Natural Area. At this point a forest trail starts on the left, which we continue until we find a narrow detour that goes up on the right. It does not takes us much more than half an hour to get to the top. Once we arrive at the rop of La Rojala, we can enjoy excellent views. We follow the path to get off, following the indications to L'Hospitalet de l'Infant. The route takes us down to a viewpoint that is next to the road that goes down to Playa del Torn beach. At this point we are again in front of Cala Bea and we clear the way to cala d'Oques cove.


Route type: Circular route

Point of departure and arrival: Cala

d’Oques cove (L’Hospitalet de l’Infant)
Difficulty: medium

Distance: 8  km

Duration: 3 hours

Points of interest: The space comprises a stretch of coastline with many scenic values. There are beautiful dunes, coastal pinewoods, as well as posidonia grasslands on the seabed. Thanks to its isolated situation, La Rojala-Torn beach has become an ideal place for the interpretation and contemplation of the natural environment, as well as an optimal area for naturist tourism. There is also the option of making an underwater route to discover the beautiful seabed in the area. In addition, there is a cave called the Llop Marí, a paradisiacal space in which you can enjoy a side gallery in zigzag, as well as a spectacular column dividing it. In this wonderful environment, all those interested in it can observe some interesting litho-genesis processes. Swimming, or even better, with a boat or a kayak, it is possible to access the cave, as long as the sea is calm. The most suitable place to get into the water is a small cove located 60 meters north of the cave´s entrance. According to the legends, Neptune, the god of the seas, had his refuge in this cave on Torn neach in L'Hospitalet de l'Infant!

L’Hospitalet de l’Infant

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A bath on a naturist beach

Have you ever tried to bathe naked in the sea? It's one of the best sensations you can have! And if you can do it in an idyllic setting, the experience can be memorable. Torn beach is linked to the Illot, a rock that rises at one end of the beach. From the rock, we can see the remains of the defense towers and beautiful views of the coast, from Cape Salou to the entire Gulf of Sant Jordi.


A little bit of history

This route offers us the chance to visit the bunkers of the Spanish Civil War, which we find all along the Catalan coast. Let us not forget that General Franco was studying a maritime invasion of Catalonia that foresaw a landing in Cala Justell. In addition, Torn beach was one of the favorite places for pirates, since they could reach the beach with their boats and make inroads on the commercial route that passed parallel to the coast, on the former Via Augusta.


A small beer in the camping

Even if you are not a fan of campsites, this is one of the best naturist campings in Spain. If you can extend your stay, it is worth staying overnight in on of its fantastic bungalows. If not, you can always have a beer in good company while you take a break after the route.


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