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We start at Plaça de la Sardana Square and head towards Carrer Nou Street, one of the streets of the village that still offers views onto the sea. It is pleasant to walk with the perspective of the open and changing horizon of the sea. We arrive at the first roundabout of the Avinguda de Sant Jordi, the gateway to the village core. We walk parallel to the highway accompanied to the right by a finca of well cared carob trees with majestic and beautiful trees.  Without leaving the asphalted road, we arrive at the Mas Roig Residental Area to go to the Roc de Sant Gaietà Gardens with its characteristic lying pines, and find the La Roca Foradada cultural centre. From there, we take the newly renovated Camí de Ronda until we reach the Berà Heremitage. From the path, we see the small Platja dels Capellans  beach and La Roca Plana until we arrive at the stairs leading to the Hermitage, that was object of a passionate popular defense when its managers wanted to turn it into center of private cult. The hermitage, due to its location and surroundings, is a place that, in itself, is worth a visit. After passing under the train tracks, we turn to the right and walk parallel to the tracks on an ascending street, full of oleander and sprinkled with eucalyptus trees. From the centennial oak, on the Carrer Bèlgica Street and the new Avinguda d'Europa, we arrive at the Arc de Berà, built on the Via Augusta in the first century b.C. In recent years it has been restored, disassembling stone by stone. tt is a World Heritage Site since 2001. Next to the Arch, there is the old farmhouse "Can Piles", now in ruins, thanks to which you can guess the splendor it had in its time. The entrance with its cypresses still impresses. Behind the house there is a century-old oak, lavatories and a treadmill. Then, we turn left to take the Camí de Berà. Following the asphalted road, we arrive back to the highway bridge, at the entrance of Roda and from there, on the same road, to the starting point.


Route type: Circular route

Point of departure and arrival: Plaça

de la Sardana Square

Difficulty: low

Distance: 9  km

Duration: 3 hours

Points of interest: Undoubtedly, one of the attractions of this route is the Arc de Berà built on the Via Augusta in the 1st century b.C. and a UNESCO World Heritage. In recent years, it has been restored, disassembling it stone by stone. It was built by Lucio Licinio Sura to mark the territorial limits and to end the disputes between the Ilergetes and the Cosetanos tribes. Surpisingly, it was dynamited in 1936 attaching an explosive charge in one of its pillars, causing great damage to the monument, although it did not destroy it. But beyond the famous Roman arch, we also highlight the Roc de Sant Gaietà Gardens,a typical Mediterranean village where you can find the footprint of many civilizations. There is El Cupot, a picturesque rock pierced by the water that penetrates especially on the days when the sea is brave. In the La Roca Foradada cultural centre, we can visit a permanent exhibition of gold sculptures by Salvador Dalí, the Writer´s  Museum, and a permanent exhibition hall that promotes both local and visiting artists.

Roda de Berà

Do you want your day to be complete?

A beer in Roc de Sant Gaietà

In the streets of  Roc de Sant Gaietà you can find wonders of Romanesque, Arabic, Gothic and other styles as well as from other areas of the Spanish geography which give it the flair of a typical Mediterranean village. An excellent place to have a beer and regain energy!


A special ice cream

The Cal Sisquet restaurant in Roda de Berà offers some of the best ice creams of the world. The chef has been awarded in several international contests. We recommend that you try the Magnum®, Calippos® ice creams and the ice cream sandwiches on its privileged terrace overlooking the sea.


Night and spirituality

Watching the sunset from the Berà Hermitage will connect you with a spiritual dimension. In this Renaissance construction, meeting hikers and different celebrations is very common. 

43883 Roda de BeràEl Tarragonès, Tarragona


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