Cornudella de Montsant Cooperative Winery

Carrer del Comte de Rius 2
43360 Cornudella de MontsantTarragona, Catalunya

The architect and disciple of Gaudí, Cèsar Martinell, planned this cooperative building for the Cornudella Agricultural Syndicate between 1919 and 1922. It has the style and features of the Modernist wineries of the period, which were later baptised "Cathedrals of Wine". A unique feature is the vats on the upper floor, which are pseudo-rectangular instead of the more usual round shape. There are different options for visiting the cooperative, all of which include a tasting of three wines. Some of the options also include a tasting of Montsant matured cheese and a jeep tour of the vineyards. Visits must be booked in advance. The cooperative shop sells wine and other local farm products.

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