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The cuisine of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) is nurtured by the sea and the products of the land. It has very tasty dishes and wines with denomination of origin. The wild boar 'civet', the 'xató', the noodles 'rossejat' and of course the 'calçots' are dishes that speak of the identity of these lands and the way of living of its inhabitants.
If you sit in front of one of these traditional dishes, you can already say that you have tried the work, the culture and the vital attitude of these regions. You will find them in the cities and towns of all the geography of Tarragona according to the time of the year. In addition, the wines of the different Tarragona DO will complete the meal. And do not forget one of the most appreciated local products, nuts.
If you are looking for a first class gastronomic experience, you have dozens of excellent restoration professionals who will make you enjoy yourself while you eat. Cambrils also has two of the best chefs of this country. They are only separated by a few hundred meters and both have been recognized with a Michelin star. Can Bosch and El Rincón de Diego, each with its gastronomic offer, are the best tribute to the palate, which you can not miss if you visit the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast).

Can BoschCan Bosch


Joan Bosch cooks overlooking the sea. And it's no by accident. The chef of Can Bosch, a Michelin starred restaurant since 1984, does not want to miss the origins of the view. It started out as a fishermen's bar more than 50 years ago and today fish, seafood and rice are still the center of its offer, products that arrive at the port of Cambrils and others coming from the nearest fields share a table with the most sophisticated culinary innovations.

If you want experience, you can start with the fake Oreo cookies in sepia ink with Parmesan cheese. If you want reliability, continue with grilled octopus with potato parmentier and emulsion of black garlic. If you want tradition, ask for the black rice of the house or the sole with crispy crawfish. If you want to finish with uneasiness, try the Catalan cream in the style of the house.
Nèstor Luján said that a kitchen is an orchestra. "It's exactly like that. For me the team is basic, I have cooks who have worked with me for 25 years," explains Joan Bosch. He has ended the baton of the kitchen in the hands of his son Arnau, who follows the thread of tradition to add the exact point of creation. Always with "seasonal product and with surprises outside the menu card if the customer repeats visit". This family restaurant has a passion for cooking in every corner.

Diego CamposDiego Campos


Entering the small kitchen of Diego Campos is a privilege that some visitors have had the luck to live. He commands the team and harmonizes the ingredients with that sensitivity of author that makes it unique. While the kitchen is boiling, everything in the dining room is serene expectation. Each October he presents the creations of the season after an intense dialogue with his customers.

To the view, the works of Rincon de Diego look like paintings on the dish; they are challenges with every bite. The apple jelly ravioli with mussels and prawns will remain engraved on the retina, but above all on the palate. Few salads will leave the trace of the micromesclum with grilled lobster and a bed of mushrooms. You will not forget the sea bass with mushroom rissotto and crispy potatoes.
Every day Diego Campos goes to the market to personally make the purchase. The quality of the products is an obsession for him, as well as naturality when it comes to cooking them. "We can not disguise a product that is bought every day in the market next to home," he explains. He links this core principle with the kitchen "of author, with nuances and colors, that enter through the eyes", explains the chef. "The idea when we create a dish is that the customer looks at it and asks: where do I start?" This passionate cook has almost 50 years of experience. The Michelin star he deserves since 2004 has been a prize to this daily demanding attitude. For him it is a lifestyle: "When I am in front of the stove is when I am better. I put on the apron and all bad feeling disappear.”

Can BoschCan Bosch


Both Joan Bosch and Diego Campos have the ability to encourage children with their dishes. If you are a little older, you will surely have fun with the creative cuisine of these two star chefs of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). If they are still small, they will also prepare something simple for them, but with their very own style.

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