Wineries and Wine Routes MONTSANT D.O.

Young but very emerging! The wines of the Montsant D.O. are appreciated and recognized all over the world, thanks to the commitment to quality and uniqueness of the wineries of the youngest Denomination of Origin of the counties of Tarragona, created in 2001 and integrated by the Municipalities and wineries that formed the Falset sub-area of the DO Tarragona. These are agricultural cooperatives and wineries in the Priorat region which do not belong to the 'historical Priorat', in addition to the villages of the Serra d'Almos and Darmós mountains in the Ribera d'Ebre region. The origin of this success is undoubtedly the commitment to native varieties. The garnacha and cariñena varieties in the soils of the Montsant, along with the climate and the recently introduced varieties such as cabernet, merlot or syrah give rise to excellent wines. This D.O. is a macro puzzle of diversities with a great muscle to keep growing.


Why is it special?

Undoubtedly one of the characteristics of this D.O. is its passion for craftmanship. The man's hand intervenes throughout the process of elaboration, a process that is the result of an inalienable balance between the territory and the winery. The winegrower carefully takes care of the vineyard to hand over the best grapes to the, grapes allowing to create wines appreciated all over the world.


What to do?

The region has the Wine route,which includes wineries of the Montsant D.O. that can be visited, as well as the 'Paisatges del vi' (The landscape if Wine) tour by car, which you can freely tour with a local co-pilot in the form of recorded audio-guides. In addition, private wineries and villages organize activities, parties and fairs related to the world of wine. Thanks to these routes, you can find dozens of stories of people who live the wine and the long tradition in viticulture of the territory with the visit to the modernist wineries of Falset and Cornudella de Montsant, built by Cèsar Martinell, in the natural environment of the Montsant Natural Park and with areas spectacular as Siurana, that relives histories of impossible conquests.


Grapes with DNA :

DO Montsant

The viticulture tradition of the DO Montsant is rooted in the vines of the “Garnatxa” and “Carinyena” varieties that produce red wines that are both intense and fresh. Montsant, with almost 2,000 hectares under cultivation, is the newest DO on the Costa Daurada.

Priorat DO

Consell Regulador de la Denominació d'Origen Montsant

Pl. de la Quartera, 6
CP 43730, Falset (Comarca Priorat)
Tel. 977831742 Fax: 977830676


DO Montsant - Costa Daurada

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