If you are a lover of good wine, for sure this name is known by you, right? The Priorat DOC is the only Qualified Denomination of Origin in in Catalonia and one of the two in Spain with this seal. To obtain it, at least ten years have to pass since the area has obtained the regular Denomination of Origin, exhaustive quality controls need to be satisfied and all wine has to be marketed bottled. The vineyard is cultivated in a land of contrasts, as it passes from the mountains with soft slopes to areas with unpractical slopes, so the vine is cultivated on built terraces.

In fact, the Priorat is the territory of "llicorella", as the broken slates that form the shallow soils of Priorat DOC are known. These are laminated and brittle stones that penetrate the roots of the stumps looking for moisture, water and nutrients. Experts recognize that the Priorat is a territory built from the deep knowledge of the winemaking trade trade.

With well-prepared new generations and with full awareness of both their past and the bright future ahead. The Siurana River and its tributaries are the main geographic arteries of this area, of valleys and plains, with a geological sinuosity that makes its wine unique.


Why is it special?

Although it is popularly known that the Priorat is one of the areas with greater wine culture, this region has unique areas that make it really special for the visitor. The remains of the Scala Dei charterhouse provide a certain mystery to the visitors who are attracted by the wine culture. It is in these slate soils where the monks of Scala Dei charterhouse delimited eight centuries ago the terrain of what is now the Priorat DOC.


Cata de vino

What to do?

Most wineries of Priorat DOC can be visited, since they are family farms and cooperatives or companies. At present, there are more than 100 wineries that develop their activity in the Priorat DOC. These wineries are located mainly in Gratallops, Poboleda or Porrera, but also in other places such as Scala Dei, Solanes del Molar, Torroja or Vilella Alta and Vilella Baixa. You can consult the offer of tastings and popular wine samples in “Vila a vila, festa a festa”.


Grapes with DNA :

DOQ Priorat

In the towns and villages of the DOQ Priorat the “Garnatxa” and “Carinyena” varieties transmit the essence a territory in which the cultivation of the vine can be challenging, but produces the exceptional grapes that make the wines of Priorat Qualified Designation of Origin.

Priorat DO

C/Major, 2
CP 43737, Torroja del Priorat (Comarca Priorat)
Tel. 977839495 Fax: 977839472

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