Mountain routes that open up unique landscapes for you. Paths surrounded by vineyards. Or routes along the sea coast. On the Costa Daurada we offer you suggestions surrounded by a unique natural heritage.

Prior to the route
Check the condition of your bike
Get information about the route and weather forecast
Engage a local company or local guide who will guide you on the best and most lonely routes.

During the route
Put the helmet on
Respect the signs and the right of way of pedestrians
If you are travelling in a group, you can drive in columns of two, unless you are travelling on paths with little visibility; there you should always drive one after the other. 
Protect nature and the environment
If you use a BTT (Mountain Bike), always follow the signposted trails
Dress in colorful or reflective clothing
Always respect your own technical and physical limits
In emergency situations, call 112.


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