For centuries, the Cistercian monks left their mark on the management and exploitation of the interior lands on the Costa Daurada. The following route is one of the best proposals to discover unique lands with vineyards, but also with fields filled with cereals that, according to the time of the year, give you landscapes with seas of wheat and golden cereals.

From Nulles, take the route that will take you along inland roads towards Vila-rodona, Aiguamúrcia and Santes Creus, a small oasis rich in heritage and spots where the water of the Gaià leaves very unique postcard scenes. From here you can continue your journey to the Pont d'Armentera, to follow the road that will take you to Querol and Santa Coloma de Queralt.

The return will begin in the direction of Sarral, one of the towns that produce more wine and cava with the autochthonous variety of trepat, in fact, its oenological activity is well visible on all the roads that surround the town, which borders the Alt Camp with Cabra del Camp, to continue to retrace the road through Pla de Santa Maria, Vila-rodona and arrive, again, in Nulles.


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At Nulles you can discover the legacy of viticulture. For more than a century, the cooperative winery has been the setting for the production of award-winning wines and cavas all over the world.

Santes Creus is the only monastery in the Cistercian region that is not inhabited. However, visit it because its cloister is the only one of the Cistercian monasteries that includes human figures in its capitals. If you stop in the second cloister, the water that flows from the fountain will give you a small paradise of peace.

Santa Coloma de Queralt was one of the most important towns in medieval Catalonia. It preserves its historic centre enclosed by walls and with unique architectural ensembles.

Sarral is an enterprising town and its cooperative winery produces wines and cavas with the trepat grape variety that makes them very unique and much appreciated all over the world.

43887 NullesTarragona, Catalunya
Monestir Santes CreusMonestir Santes Creus

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