Water skiing, kayaks, kite surfing, boating, scuba diving ... The sea at your feet! In addition to all these activities, the Estació Nàutica(Nautical Station) offers nautical services such as moorings, boat sales, repairs and classes to get the degree necessary to navigate. A multitude of proposals to make the sea a way of life. And if you want to bring the sea closer to the kids, there are also specific programs for schools and companies.



The experts recommend...

1. The preferred activities

Piloting a nautical motorbike is an experience. It will allow you crossing the waters while the sea breeze strikes you in the face or cross the waves observing in the distance the beach and all the skyline of the coast. You can do this activity on a delimited circuit in a short distance from the beach or following a route and accompanied by an instructor. Also, you should know that you do not need any degree to ride these bikes. The sea is yours!

2. The most innovative

Do you want to know how an underwater archaeologist works? This activity allows you to dive in the midst of the sunken remains of a 19th century English ship and observe an underwater excavation a few meters deep. You can see part of the cargo carried the boat, contemplate the daily tasks of an archaeologist and see the materials they use in their research. A truly unique experience!

3. The most fun

This is an experience to be lived together with your family and friends. Practicing sport fishing from a motor boat ensures a fun time and guarantees you a safe catch. A totally responsible activity with the environment, supervised by a professional monitor and suitable for all ages, even for children. Also, if you want, you can enjoy an exclusive boat.

4. The most risky

Can you imagine flying over the sea? With the flyboard you can experience the sensation of getting out of the water and rising up to 15 meters in height with the most diverse movements or just move you above the waters. You just need balance and much desire for adventure!

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