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Route description

It is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful routes that can be done in the  Priorat Region. It runs mainly along forest tracks and only passes through a small stretch of road. It is a route during which we will enjoy the charm that of the interior areas of the Priorat region, with very good views of the Sierra del Montsant mountains, La Vilella Alta and La Vilella Baixa. The route begins at the entrance of Gratallops coming from Falset. Once we have crossed the Siurana river, we will go to Torroja. We continue the road southwards until we see a road on the left hand in the direction of Vilella Alta. Crossing this town we turn right and enter the Serra del Montsant Natural Park. We will start the climb towards Peu de la Roca, a highly recommended section which we cannot make with our bike. Then we turn left until we reach the La Vilella Baixa. Then we will start climbing again towards Gratallops. 

Route type: Circular route

Point of departure and arrival: Gratallops

Distance: 29 km

Duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes

Points of interest: Stroll through Escaladei and discover that in the 12th century monks of the Carthusian Order came from the Provence to build a monastery, thus founding the First Charterhouse of the Iberian Peninsula. We also recommend visiting Puig Roig, an archaeological site from the 9th to 7th centuries BC, located within the municipal district of Masroig, which rises on a strategic hill in the middle of the forest overlooking the Siurana river and the Sierra de Montsant mountains. 

Vinyes de la Cartoixa

Do you want your day to be complete?

Among glasses of wine 

Gratallops is a town with a long tradition wine making tradition. We recommend a route to its main wineries. You can also stop along the way in the other small villages where you will pass, also with a large wine tradition. And do not forget to accompany these good wines with snails with rabbit, stuffed eggplants, a Catalan cream or the typical "orelletes" – flat and round dough cakes, fried and covered with sugar - all dishes very typical of the area.


Villages to discover history

If you like discovering corners with history, in La Vilella Alta you will know some interesting medieval legends. This town, located on the top of the hill, dates back to 1286 and is the work of the Escaladei Charterhouse. In fact, its whole history is closely linked to that of the Monastery. Probably the first settlers were families from the neighbouring town of Montalt, when the monks offered land to all who voluntarily left the place.


43737 GratallopsEl Priorat, Tarragona


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