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Route description

Do you want to discover the Roman past of Tarragona on wheels? Here is a route that allows doing it! From the Francolí to the Gaià.. The idea of uniting the two rivers ending Tarragona has resulted in a great excursion that shows very well the important heritage treasured the municipality. The route goes underneath the Roman aqueduct, medieval farmhouses, modernist domes, towers of defence against the dreaded pirates, quarries with needles, orchards, river mouths of life, villages that look like castles, coves where the pines still go down to bathe and remains of barracks of carabineers where they couples of policemen sat and looked together at the horizon without being in love. The complete route is 34 km long. The trip to the Gaià River can be made by foot or by bicycle. A good idea is to make the route by stretches and use the public transport (urban bus or train) to return.

Route type: Circular route
Point of departure and arrival: Parc del riu del Francolí (Tarragona)
Distance: 34 km
Duration: 3 hours

Points of interest: On this route we find the `Pont del Diable´ (Devil´s Bridge) and the large Roman aqueduct.. Near the sea, we can also find the fortified village of Tamarit, which looks more like a castle than a town, and which recalls the centuries in which the Catalan coast was attacked by pirate ships. You will also pass beautiful beaches, such as La Móra beach, Capellans beach or Cape Miracle.


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A bath in the Sea

The good thing about this route is that you will pass by beautiful beaches and coves, from Playa Larga beach to the small Els Capellans beach, which connects with Savionsa beach. On hot days, there is no excuse to take a good dip!


A picnic near Tamarit Castle

This route allows us crossing the old fortified town of Tamarit, which recalls the centuries in which the Catalan coast suffered the incursions by pirates from North Africa. We recommend that you do a picnic on this stretch of coast, where you can also find the remains of some little carabineers´ houses.


A visit to the El Mèdol quarry

Shall we discover the spot from which gigantic stones were extracted to build the most emblematic buildings of Tarragona in Roman times? If you're in the mood for adventure, you can become a real Indiana Jones and touch the stones and, above all, the 16-meter-tall stone block, a witness to the original quota where the exploitation of stones began.

Tarragona, Catalunya
Pont del DiablePont del Diable


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