Limestone, coarse, classic sedimentary rock, or granite? Which rock do you prefer? If you are attracted by the challenge of doing the vertical, the Costa Daurada is your destination. For Siurana, El Arbolí, La Riba, Margalef or Vilanova de Prades are some of the places with a thousand routes; whether you are an experienced climber or you put your climbing shoes on for the first time.

On the Costa Daurada the weather is a reliable partner almost all year round to enjoy mountaineering. Everything else depends only on your condition and how much time you have to climb and discover unique views in spectacular locatioDo you join us? Take your rope, lace up your shoes and get ready to experience new challenges. Come and climb the Costa Daurada!




Tips and warnings:

If it is your first visit, consult with the active tourism companies to hire a guide!


  • Please check if there are temporary restrictions for climbing because of the breeding season.
  • The teams equipping the routes are not responsible for the condition of the anchors. It is the responsibility of the climbers to keep the infrastructure in good condition. Otherwise, it is necessary to notify those responsible of the area of the missing equipment or defects.
  • A personal insurance to cover the risks of accidents is recommended.
  • It is necessary to take care of the environment: Do not throw garbage away and take care of the flora and fauna, and avoid opening new trails.

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