Do you still believe in tales of princes and princesses? Although, fortunately, today some of these myths have already been demolished, you can live the most fanciful side of this world of yesteryear. Recreate you between splendorous rooms, baroque lamps and luxurious halls, listening to a waltz in the background or, as a soundtrack, the peal of the cutlery of a large reception. If you want a feeling not to forget, visiting the Castell de Sant Miquel d'Escornalbou is a must. It will transfer you to the time when gentlemen, knights and ladies dominated the social life of these lands. If we talk about castles, we cannot forget the route through the twelve castles of the Baix Gaià, an itinerary that we can accompany with a visit to the Interpretation Centre of the Baix Gaià Castles, in the Tarragonès region. Montblanc, meanwhile, has the best preserved medieval fortress in Catalonia. Its walls, towers, palaces and bridges will remind you of this past. For children and adults, a trip to a fairy tale world, where instead of reading, you can touch the story with your own hands!

Castell Creixell

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