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The summer holidays are over, the heat is dying down and going back to school is a reality. As of September, the weekends are quieter and, therefore, we have more time to visit those places closer to our area that we have always wanted to discover. An ideal proposal for this time of the year is any activity related to wine. Why? Because the grape harvest begins; grapes are harvested in order to be able to make wine later on.

Enigmes MasroigEnigmes Masroig

Priorat, thanks to its climatic and natural conditions, is a region with a 100% enogastronomic DNA. In fact, this region of the Costa Daurada is associated with world-renowned wines thanks to the two Certificates of Origin that this territory has: the DOQ Priorat, one of the best-known certificates of origin in the world, and the DO Montsant, which is newer but in recent years has grown significantly.

Gastronomic experiences, wineries and wine tours, events, landscapes that will give you a taste for walking... in Priorat there are plenty of activities to do with the whole family and many of them, of course, are related to wine. During this time of year, being surrounded by vineyards and experiencing first hand how a grape harvest is done is a great way to get to know and enjoy the culture of one of the Costa Daurada's most important gastronomic heritages. The activity Bany de vinyes de Buil & Giné, the Priorat DOQ winery, is the perfect place for learning more about this wine culture that we’re talking about. In this open-air visit you will be able to feel the beauty of the region and soak up its smells, colours and sounds.

Wine is a way of life - it is culture, it is history, it is good times, but it is also creativity. In fact, not all wines have the same taste and smell: some are fruitier, others have hints of wood, others have mineral notes... In this sense, each winery plays with its wines to make them as distinctive and special as possible. This creative aspect is a very interesting and fun concept to transmit to children, which is why we would like to make a special mention of the activity Creativins led by Montsant Nature, because in this activity you will be able to tap into your creative side through wine. How? By using it as a paint to create the most artistic drawings. An original idea, right? And we know that when you go out with the little ones of the house, you should always do different, original and dynamic activities with them that attract their attention and at the same time teach them something interesting about what they are visiting. This is why games are so important. If you make an educational visit that includes a game, children will enjoy it more and will remember what they’ve done. In this regard, the Celler Masroig, for example, has created a very dynamic and fun activity for children: the Enigmasroig, a treasure hunt among 100-year-old oil mills full of puzzles and questions related to wine. The only way to solve these puzzles is by working as a team.


In addition to the wine culture, Priorat also stands out for having a lively agricultural landscape of great beauty and history. The landscape is typical of Mediterranean vegetation and agriculture: a large number of holm oak forests, large expanses of vineyards and olive groves, and a very rocky and dry terrain. Therefore, it is also an ideal place for hiking, mountain biking or even guided tours of the main points of interest that are emblematic of the region, such as, for example, the Serra del Montsant Natural Park, a place that will surely captivate you from the very first moment.

Whichever activity you decide to do, enjoy a different and unique day with the whole family and discover first hand the secrets hidden in Priorat, one of the most beautiful regions of the Costa Daurada.


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