Enjoy a family day out at a Wine Cathedral

Catedral del Vi

The Costa Daurada is culture, history, nature and much more. At the architectural level, however, it is essential to mention the Wine Cathedrals that form part of the most remarkable heritage of the winemaking tradition of the territory.

The Wine Cathedrals are modernist buildings, built at the beginning of the 20th century, when a group of agricultural cooperatives united under the same objective, which was to make their wineries a work of architectural art. Farmers, relatives and neighbours of the villages took the initiative to create cooperative wineries. Many of them had to go into debt to get the winery built, but the result was worth it, and today they are representative architectural works of Noucentisme in Catalonia.

These wineries date back to around 1919, mostly built by the architect Cèsar Martinell, who focused on aesthetics and functionality, with the aim of facilitating the work of the employees. Some 40 buildings were constructed for agricultural uses and the farmers’ unions revolutionised the way wine is made, as until then it was made in homes.

The Nulles Wine Cathedral was created in the midst of a serious crisis caused by the phylloxera plague. Its inhabitants created the San Isidro union, which allowed them to pool all their resources and knowledge in order to build the village winery where all the families could make wine. The work commissioned to Cèsar Martinell was based on functionality, a taste for rural tradition and the use of far-reaching structural solutions. The architect, a disciple of Gaudí, made the winery using stone and tile, so that the light and temperature were regulated through the windows, positively helping the winemaking process.

What better way to spend the morning with the family if you want to discover all the nooks and crannies of this Wine Cathedral? If you are looking for a different and original plan where children and adults can have fun, we suggest that you go on a horse and carriage ride through the vineyards towards the Nulles Wine Cathedral, and end the day with a wine tasting session, cavas and local products for the little ones.

It is worth learning all about the construction of these buildings and the history behind them because, as in any work of art, everything is there for a reason. Enjoy a different and enriching family day out on the Costa Daurada by going on your favourite tours through the different Wine Cathedrals and discovering all their secrets.

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