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E.g., 03/10/2022
E.g., 03/10/2022

Solemn St Peter's Day procession

29/06/2022 - 19:30


Actes religiosos



Headed by the relics of St Peter, acompanied by several ecclesiastilcal authorities, the local authorities and the Reus Symphonic Band.  At 7.30 pm, from the Prioral de Sant Pere church to the Plaça del Mercadal.

On arrival at the Plaça del Mercadal, a spectacular exhibition featuring all the festive characters and aerial firecrackers.

Return of the relics of Sant Pere acompanied by the Popular Retinue to the Prioral de Sant Pere church. On arrival at the church entrance, thunderous firecrackers.

Return of the Popular Retinue to the Plaça del Mercadal. Lighting of the Wyvern and the Dragon, performance of the Dance of the Devils and firework display as a finishing touch to the festival.

Part of the Sant Pere Town Festival.

Further information: -Tel. +34977 010 670

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