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Route description

This route through the Baix Penedès region is very quiet and entertaining. The route covers trails of El Vendrell, Sant Vicenç de Calders, Els Masos de Comarruga, Fondo del Mata and Roda de Berà. Leaving El Vendrell, we find an area of forest and vineyard crops. From here we will go to Sant Vicenç de Calders through olive trees fields. From here we head to an area of very beautiful forest, Fondo de la Mata. From here we go to Roda de Berà crossing areas of crops and forests. Once there, we will turn around, and we will clear the way through the same villages but combining new trails, as well as repeating some earlier ones. The route is can be made 100% by bike and is ideal for mountain bike beginners, with some more technical, but quite affordable, section. It is advisable to take this tour in hot weather since much of the route runs between forest and is very comfortable.

Route type: Circular route

Point of departure and arrival: El Vendrell

Distance: 37 km

Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Cumulative slope: 790 meters

Points of interest: El Vendrell, capital town of the coastal Baix Penedès region, is one of the most outstanding cities of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). In Roman times the enclave was an important knot of communications, since the Via Augusta passed through the town. Both the Roman remains and those of other civilizations that left their mark in the region are preserved today in the Archaeological Museum. It is worth to visit the maritime neighbourhoods of Sant Salvador, where you can visit the Casa Pau Casals, the house in which the musician was born, Coma-Ruga, with its active marina, and El Françàs. Cunit, Calafell and Torredembarra are other outstanding tourist and residential centres that follow each other along the vast coast of the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). And very close, following the Via Augusta towards the south, the Arc de Berà, appears, an imposing arch of triumph dating from the beginning of the 2nd century AD. 

Fons del Mata

Do you want your day to be complete?

Pick nick between trees

The recreational area of Fons del Mata has an area equipped with tables and barbecues to be able to make a good outdoor picnic. It is a natural space with a beautiful pond. We must warn that you must ask for permission to use the facilities. 


El Vendrell, the origins Pau Casals

Visiting El Vendrell is synonymous with knowing the house where Pau Casals, located on Santa Anna street, was born. In front of Vil·la Casals is the l’Auditori Pau Casals, built to fulfill one of the Master's essential wishes: to bring music and culture to the whole world. This is one of the essential points of the Paisatge dels Genis.


El VendrellEl Baix Penedès, Tarragona
Arc de BeràArc de Berà


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