We are really very tired! The Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) has put at our disposal a quality tourist offer, with everything that we needed to be able to enjoy our holidays. In different locations we have discovered areas to turn any moment into the best of our fun time, such as public playgrounds with attractions and swings or activities in natural spaces. In addition, we have taken pictures during our trips and guided tours through different villages on board of tourist trains! We have also become first-rate drivers, almost professionals, on go-kart circuits, and even have played golf. In case this was not enough, specialized recreational facilities for children have offered us the opportunity to enjoy storytelling, workshops, games, magic, slides, ball pools, inflatable structures and castles ... all this has given us very funny afternoons. And we have also been able to rest while we were having a drink or refreshment. In short, endless activities that turn the Costa Daurada (Golden Coast) into a land full of life and entertainment. Dare to enter the world of fun. You will have a great time!

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