Политика конфиденциальности

The owner of this website is the Tourist Board of the Tarragona Provincial Government, holder of tax ID No. (CIF) P9300012C, with registered address at Passeig Torroja s/n, 43007 Tarragona.

All data protection policies of the Tourist Board of the Tarragona Provincial Government are subject to the legal framework laid down under the Personal Data Protection Act (LO 15/1999 of 13 December, hereinafter LOPD), the Security Measure Regulations under which it is developed (Royal Decree 994/1999 of 11 June) and any other implementing rules.

Any personal data provided by the user through “costadaurada.info” shall be automatically processed and included in a file owned by the Tourist Board, which is likewise the party responsible for same.

By communicating with “costadaurada.info” in any way, the user provides his/her express consent for the inclusion of his/her personal data in the Tourist Board’s automated file.

The user shall have the right to access, correct, cancel and oppose the inclusion of the personal data s/he voluntarily provides to the Tourist Board of the Tarragona Provincial Government in the file and is liable for the truthfulness of same. S/he shall likewise be entitled to revoke his/her consent for the processing thereof, provided due grounds exist and the revocation does not have retroactive effects. These rights shall be exercised pursuant to the terms of the Personal Data Protection Act (LO 15/1999 of 13 December) and related rules, by sending written request to:
Patronat de Turisme de la Diputació de Tarragona
Passeig Torroja, s/n
43007 Tarragona

All personal data collected shall be used solely for the purpose for which they were obtained, and absolute confidentiality shall be guaranteed. The sharing of data with other public administrations shall be subject to the terms of Article 20 of the LOPD.

The user moreover expressly authorises the Tourist Board to use his/her personal data to send him/her any tourism information that may be of interest.

In compliance with current law, the Tourist Board of the Tarragona Provincial Government has taken technical and organisational measures to ensure the requisite level of security with regard to the personal data it collects. It shall likewise be equipped with all necessary mechanisms within its means to prevent, to the extent possible and subject to the state of available technology, unauthorised access to, illicit removal of, modifications to and loss of said data.

Under no circumstances shall cookies or any other similar media that may be used serve to store information enabling the identification of individual users of the website.

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