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Vil·la Casals - Museu Pau Casals

Avinguda Palfuriana, 67
43880 Sant SalvadorTarragona, Catalunya
Phone+34 977 684 276, FaxF +34 977 684 783

Villa Casals is a unique property on the seafront, the home of the esteemed musician Pau Casals, it is now a museum dedicated to his legacy. It includes a neoclassical garden and a 150m2 open planned multipurpose hall, which has very good acoustics and is prepared for projections and Internet connections. The complex as a whole is ideal for company meetings. You can combine cocktails in the gardens with a guided tour of the Pau Casals museum and a company meeting or dinner in the multipurpose hall.
Besides which, the Pau Casals Auditorium, just in front, can accommodate 400 people. The hall has very good acoustics, offers the possibility of making a live sound recording, has closed circuit television and has a 60m2 stage, together with enough en suite dressing rooms for an entire symphony orchestra.


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