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Parc Samà

Carretera del Parc Samà
43391 Vinyols i els ArcsTarragona, Catalunya
Phone+34 977 826 514, Fax+34 932 377 711

The historic Parc Samà garden has been chosen, since it was built at the end of the XIX century, to hold a great many events of a diverse nature. The beauty of the landscape created by its house-palace, its botanic garden and its lake is the main reason the park has always been alive, full of events. Its location and its Mediterranean climate endow the park with the optimum conditions for any celebration.


Parc Samà combines pleasant spaces in the open air with interior facilities in order to offer different possibilities when designing and organising a wide range of events: business meetings, product presentations, weddings, anniversaries, concerts, gala dinners, cocktails, award ceremonies, press conferences, shooting adverts, etc.   



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