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Aqualeon is, at present, a water park in the heart of nature. Although previously one of its attractions were its safari routes, it has been converted into a family park where to enjoy the attractions and also the green areas ideal to make a good picnic with family or friends. There are slides of various intensities suitable for the youngest, teenagers and for families, and the park offers its visitors fun at 12 water attractions. Its star attraction is the Toboloko. This slide is a mixture of closed and open type, and has incredible climbs, descents, curves and straights. You will see and feel everything that happens around you, immediately after you will rise again, and at the moment of finishing the climb, you will find the closed slide where you will keep the suspense, not knowing when you will leave. Without a doubt, it will make you hold your breath, and let go of all the emotion inside you!

Finca les Basses, s/n
43716 AlbinyanaTarragona, Catalunya
Phone977 68 76 56, Fax977687823

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